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Very informative and helpful article, especially for those of us still trying to wrap our minds around web3

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Hi David, I have been deeply related to your pieces as a graduate in Media & Communications (Goldsmiths, UoL). Your deep thoughts on humans being the new medium inspired me, and reminded me of how I had become a Web3 practitioner co-founding Parami Protocol. Parami manifests how an influencer could aggregate and mediate their influence on social media (platform agnostic).

I wonder what you think of a community's influence. Like to what extent should one community member benefit from a certain community's influence. Thanks.



@val_vmm (Telegram)


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Awesome article. Will def be sharing with more people within Gitcoin. Very helpful framing as we turn grants into a protocol and navigate this shift in the way we talk it with our stakeholders.

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🙏 from the bottom of my heart. Extremely well written and informative

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