The Aristophanes comedy `The Birds` is another great example of the Greeks being big time non-beleivers in Decentralization because of `human`nature.

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The allegory of the Coding Cave seems appropriate to link on this highly philosophical inspired angle on decentralization: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx2BCV1-uJk

Very impressive write-up, will take me some rereads to digest well :')

Most impactful philosopher on your life so far?

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Yes! Coders get to enact Plato's cave in reverse: creating the shadows that eventually take on a life of their own in the sunlight. All thoughts welcome as you reread!

And for philosophers, it's a hard call, but Foucault (on centralization) and Deleuze (on decentralization) are certainly the ones I find most relevant for Web 3.0...

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